We strive to create a website rich in survival gear and information about safety and emergency preparedness. Since planning for emergencies yields better protection, our company is dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality survival, safety and bug out gear. It is important to prepare ourselves, our families, our loved ones and our business colleagues for any and all emergency situations.

We are proud to be the first provider of custom survival plans for free with no obligation. We believe that there is no upcoming shortage of disasters caused by either from Mother Nature or humans. Being prepared is paramount for survival,and having a survival plan accomplishes this goal.

The hotest product of 2017. Its just not enough to have a power bank for your phone, you need XSolars 10000 mAh power bank and solar power charger. This is the best of both worlds, you can use it as a charger plugged into an outlet and also use it in the outdoors to charge any device.

J5 Tactical Flashlights have been sold all over the world and with the extreme quality, craftsmanship, and brightness the light produces they are being searched out daily.

Patriot food club operates under the mission of providing food storage to all those in need. So many times the economics of establishing a long term food storage get in the way of the importance of having emergency food ready and available in the worst of times.

Built for hammock camping, Treesack brings comfort wherever adventure beckons. It is tear resistant, incredibly comfortable, and built to last a lifetime. It holds the highest standard for durability and safety in the hammock industry.

The Silo Battery mission is to provide long lasting, efficient batteries to our customers. Our batteries can be used in many handheld and portable devices and we stand by their performance.